I am a masters student in the Human Computer Interaction Design program of School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington.

I studied Computer Engineering at University of Delhi and then worked for 2 years at Amdocs where I gained domain knowledge, technical skills and got to sharpen my soft skills.

For last 2 years, I kept thinking about how design enhances or infact shapes the experience of a person about the product. Many of the ideas were seeded through my own experiences with various products - software tools that I used for work or other devices that I used. (The beginning however was made when I started to design a GUI for my undergraduate internship project.) Strong experiences can lead a person to love or hate a product.

For, every interactive interface has a design, bad or otherwise. If it is being designed, why not design it better, why not make it truly usable? All this got me into thinking more, made me leave the organization I truly loved and made me delve into formal education again.

And yes, I love it here!